We have launched a new website!

Our foundation are developing every day to give help to those who need it. Therefore, it was decided to create a new site that would meet modern requirements and show relevant information. In the new version, we tried to make everything as convenient, simple and clear as possible.

Firstly, the design of the site is built in such a way that you intuitively understand where to go to find the information you need. Secondly, communication with the organizers of the Fund has also become much more accessible: now, for cooperation, it is enough just to fill out the form on the website “Help Reqest” or “Donate” and we will contact you. Now on the site you can see a complete and up-to-date list of our charitable programs, as well as partners who, together with us, help people not to lose hope.

We believe that the new site will give us even more opportunities, as well as serve as a link for new acquaintances and joint activities for the benefit of those who need help.