Charity Foundation “Teresa” was founded in 1998 under the name Charity Foundation 'Holy Family' by a monastic community, in order to provide comprehensive support for the development of the family institution. The history of this special monastic community, called the 'Younger Sisters of the Holy Family', has its roots in 19th century Italy, where, as in the present, the full support of the younger generation were important issues for the society development. The activities of the 'Younger Sisters of the Holy Family' have been widely represented not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Angola and many other countries.

For many years, the Foundation has provided invaluable assistance to disadvantaged families and homeless children in Russia.

Now the Foundation is experiencing its rebirth and, under a new name, has put the goal to widely support the development and well-being of children and families in the modern society.

Any development starts from the family, in the full sense of this word. This is precisely what the support of the Teresa Foundation is aimed at. The Foundation provides assistance to large families, orphans, elder people, individual family members in difficult life situations, both from a material and functional point of view, offering training and support to those who need it.

Foundation Council

Vincenzo Trani

Daniele Pascale

Gebrauskas Darius

Trani Alberto Giuseppe

Enrica Maria Stella Arena


Vincenzo Trani

General Director

Fabrizio Marmo

Operational Director of the Fund

Andrey Volkov

Fund Project Manager

Tatyana Rybina

Financial Accountant of the Fund

Elena Vilyamovska

Office Manager

Vladislav Lanchenkov

Project Manager