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Help with projects. Tell your friends and acquaintances about us. We will be glad to receive any help from caring people.
We appreciate everyone who shares our mission. Contribute online and help those who are going through difficulties.
Anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation can turn to us for help. We can help you, both in word and deed


We provide a carefree life for the younger generation

Parents of today often have to contend with the injustices of the world. We want to be able to contribute and help those families who are going through a difficult moment. We do our best every day to benefit families, children and people in need who will become part of the future of society.
  • Targeted assistance and training for families
  • Adaptation of inmates of orphanages
  • Creating a barrier-free environment for families

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  • People

    Many people around the world finance and help the work of the foundation and its projects

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    Organizations propose joint projects or contribute to the activities of the foundation

Asked Quesitons

We need your help

How can I help the foundation?

You can always provide financial support to the fund. You can deposit money to the current account of the fund, or online through the “Donate” button.

Can you help my family?

We try to help as many families and children as possible, to participate in our programs, you can fill out the online form on the page “Help Request”.

Does the foundation help only people or also organizations?

We help both people and acting charitable organizations. Some of our projects have been created in close cooperation with some of them.
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