Our Director of Operations - Fabrizio Marmo

One of the key people at the Teresa Foundation is Fabrizio Marmo, our Director of Operations. He is taking care of the organizational tasks and he searches partner companies, which are ready to participate in our Adaptation program.

Fabrizio was born in Italy but has been living in Russia for a long time, his Russian is very fluent (he speaks without any accent) and he knows well about the difficulties faced by orphans after the orphanage, who are forced without any support to build their lives independently and in difficult situations.

In this position, Fabrizio tries to convey to other people the idea that charity should be in every person's life, and to reach this objective it is not necessary to be working in a charity fund. You can help in different ways, and when you see the results of your help, you become much happier.

“The most valuable thing I have at the moment is seeing the result of our actions, when we manage to improve someone's life. I hope that more and more people will start thinking about it,” says our operational director.

If you also wish to feel this positive energy, doing something useful and helping those who are in needs, just contact us at info@teresafund.ru or call +7 495 727 00 77

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