Cooperation of the Teresa Foundation and «Our Home»

Charity is always a story about people. A story about those who are being helped, and those who are helping. And it's also a story about those who work every day for the benefit of others, making sure that, for example, orphaned children feel protected and have a home, even if they still don't have one.

Vadim Anatolyevich Menshov is the director of the Orphanage - Center for the Promotion of Family Education «Our House», where children are brought up from birth to 18 years old (and in some cases up to 23 years old), some of them completely healthy, others with serious illnesses. For Vadim Anatolyevich, this is not just a job, but something more. This is the place where the soul hurts. These are children whose future the director worries about, as for his own sons and daughters.

That is why we at the Teresa Foundation knew that «Our House» would respond to the proposal to develop a program for the adaptation of children from orphanages in adulthood together and would closely monitor the future of its children and their success in professional activities. And we, from our side, are very happy that we can help these young people to find a job they like, which makes them feel confident in their own abilities.

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