Ruslan and his work in the Delimobil company

One of our first young friends is Ruslan. He was our first candidate who received help with employment. Ruslan is working for Delimobil already three months, he has an art studio space, where he's creating real masterpieces, making mosaics for the company's partners and preparing different exhibitions.

He got this job thanks to the special program of TeresaFoundation - Adaptation of children from orphanages, the purpose of which is to give orphans the opportunity to get a contract in one of the Foundation's partner companies.

Due to the peculiarities of Ruslan's development, his future after he left the orphanage was not very bright - life in a boarding school for adults. However, after getting a job at Delimobil, the young man felt confident in his abilities, found new friends and colleagues, grew up creatively and professionally and now even gives his own master classes in drawing and mosaics to the company's employees.

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