The story of Vera and her family

What does it mean to survive a fire? It means losing everything in one night: personal belongings, documents, furniture, clothes, toys....

And what does it mean for a mother with many children to learn about a fire in the apartment from her child? This means first to be scared almost to death, then reassuring yourself that everyone is alive and only property has suffered, and then urgently looking for some clothes to put on the children, and finally cleaning the apartment and the remaining things from ashes.

A fire always means huge repair costs. But where can you get money for repairs if you are raising four children alone?

Vera came face to face with such questions, after experiencing a fire in her apartment in early September. The woman asked Teresa Charity Fund for support, as she learned that we have a program to help families in difficult life situations.

We listened to Vera's history and helped her with the renovation of one of the apartment rooms, where the fire started, and bought her all the necessary furniture.

We were able to support Vera and her children thanks to your donations. But there are still many people who need our help. Help us by making a donation on the website, and we, in turn, can help other families facing difficulties

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