Mosaic Exhibition: Classics and Modernity


The exposition presents the works made by participants of mosaic museum courses and works by Ruslan Romanov, a ward of our foundation.

The purpose of the exhibition "Mosaic: Classic and Modern" is to acquaint visitors with the profession of a mosaicist and show the variety of forms in which the mosaic technique can be used.

In the museum of Nikolai Ostrovsky during the month you will be able to see examples of classic mosaic panels provided by the partners of the exhibition of the Moscow State Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov, as well as contemporary works by the independent mosaic artists, as well as deaf-mute children, orphans and children with the developmental disorders who was taking part in the creation of these works during the mosaic courses organised with the support of the Teresa Foundation.

Event date

24 March 19:00


14 Tverskaya Street, Nikolai Ostrovsky Museum

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