The mosaic classes for deaf-mutes children (including their parents) is organized every weekends. Master classes are held with the support of a professional mosaic art teacher Sergey Kunaev, whose life was also hard and difficult, but thanks to this life situation, Sergey acquired important qualities for a person working with children with special development, which make the atmosphere in the classroom very easy and fun for kids.

For such people, a mosaic workshop is something more than just for amateurs. Deaf children are special people and art for them expands their horizons of development, develops social skills, gives invaluable experience that fills and unites their special world. This skill is a monumental art. And now, more than ever, this type of creativity is becoming more relevant.

In the 21st century, mosaics are very popular - and this is a great advantage for people with special needs. According to statistics, three out of ten of them will become artists, and the rest of the deaf-mutes children have the opportunity to apply their skills and work not only in the field of art, but also in any other construction and architectural activity.

The materials that the guys work with are very different: smalt, marble, river pebbles, broken ceramic tiles, ceramics, wood of various species, and so on. For deaf-mutes children, this is an activity and work that is understandable and accessible to their language.

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Every weekend at 12:00


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